What is the ATS Central Reservation On?
During the winter season (1st DEC. 31st march) the Call ATS Central Reservations On in Chamonix will answer 7days a week, 24 hours a day.
If you are calling from Italy you have to dial: 0039 450536397.
Otherwise, during the other periods or if you have any further question, you can contact the ATS offices in Aosta, from Monday to Friday during usual office time.
For callings out of this time, your call will be transferred on the available operator.

What happens is my flight is delayed?
Please, inform the Call ATS Central Reservation On, as you are aware of the delay.
However the driver will wait for you till you’re arrived: you will have to pay only the additional time of wait after the first hour of your established arrival time. (Rate 20, 00 euros per hour)

How do I find my driver in the airport?
The ATS driver will be waiting in front of your arrival gate. He will have an ATS sign with your parties named on it.

What happen if I cannot find my driver in the airport?
You will have to call the Call ATS Central Reservation On or the Operator ATS Italy in Aosta who will help you to contact immediately your driver.

How long will I have to wait at the airport?
If you have booked a private service you won’t wait, otherwise, if your transfer is shared you could have to wait till at least 1hour for the flight of the other passengers sharing your transfer.

I lost my luggage can you collect it for me later?
All the airlines have handling agents. They will organize for any luggage to be forwarded to your resort address.

I have left something in the vehicle. How do I get it back?
Contact our staff, giving details of the transfer and the missing items. We will then endeavour to deliver them to you. In some circumstances a charge may be applicable.

Do you offer discounted rates for children or babies?
Unfortunately we have to charge all the taken seats.

Can I have a refund?
Under certain circumstances- See the ATS terms and conditions.

Can I change the date of my transfer?
Yes, subject to availability and our terms and conditions.

Can I have a receipt?
Your e-mail or fax confirmation is the receipt.

Can I have the driver’s mobile number?
No, for all the problems you have to contact our call centre.

I have a lot of luggage and a bike. Will there be enough places?
Each passenger has an allowance of one suitcase and one board/ski bag.
During the reservation you have to specify the kind of luggage to carry.
ATS will have the right to accept or refuse the transfer of the additional luggage and also to charge an additional rate for it.

Can we stop to the supermarket or in a shop during the travel?
Only if you have booked a private transfer, paying to the driver an additional rate, according to the time of wait and corresponding to 15,00 per hour.

Is it possible to make a reservation from hotel/home/office?
Yes, by connecting to our web site www.ats-italy.net and selecting the page “reservation” you can make the reservation that you prefer:
Shuttle Service, Private Service, Exclusive Service.

How much time before have I to book my transfer?
You have to book at least 3 days before in order to have your transfer service assured.

What can I do if there is not enough time to book in advance?
You have to contact our call centre through fax, e-mail or telephone or on the page “last minute” you can try to check if there is any transfer available according to your requirements.

Is the service “private shuttle” direct, without any stops during the travel?
The transfer service “private shuttle “is usually direct, door to door.
However the transfer can stop to allow the getting in and out of the other passengers.

Do all the drivers speak English?
Yes, all the drivers of ATS Italy can speak English and French.

Will I share the transfer with other passengers?
No, if you have reserved a private service. Yes, instead, if you reserve a Shuttle service.

What type of vehicles do you have?
ATS is provided by a fleet of vehicles of the most important companies (Fiat-Renault- Mercedes) equipped for the winter , extended wheelbase for extra luggage space and linked to our central reservations office by satellite positioning and mobile phones.