Airport reception

In airport at the arrivals gate your Driver is waiting you.
To facilitate the meeting  with him, please unload and print the following symbol (137kb) expose it in airport, in the way it can be seen from your driver.
In the same way  will be easy to recognize the Driver waiting you, you will be able to distinguish him, he will hold  in  his hands in a  very visible way, the yellow plate of acknowledgment with the brand of ATS-Italy like this. On the back of it e you will find your name.

To the neck the Driver will have a personalized card with his name always with ATS-Italy’s marks.
In the days of greater affluence you will be received from an Hostess in white uniform with ATS-Italy's brand that will accompany you to the Driver.

On the back  of the vehicle you will find a  magnetic plate with the ATS-Italy's brand.